Commercial Sellers:

  • Free consultation will be provided if you’re a business owner, individually, by group collective, investment company or fund.  
  • You engage us to market and sell your business or Real Estate assets under a pay-for-performance transparent commission structure.
  • Professional photographers will be scheduled to take photos of property.
  • Ram Virk Realty has a key differential:   We reach broadly and deeply into a quality network of qualified buyers, directly or through MLS or a matrix of Real Estate professionals.
  • Publishing outside of the MLS system to work with other brokers and buyers directly suits many private sellers.  Company relevant details reach only qualified buyers, with highlights and pro forms financials accessed through our propriety system.
  • For Sale signs or other advertisements signs will be delivered.
  • Transparency of potential interests will be provided until an offer is received.
  • Offer will be negotiated until favourable terms are reached as per seller’s satisfaction.
  • All requested documentation from the potential buyers will be requested and delivered in a timely fashion.  
  • Property inspection and or property appraisal will be scheduled with the seller’s in a timely manner.
  • Upon completion of the contract, the keys will be delivered to the listing agent.

Notes for Commercial Sellers:

Once engaged with a period of exclusivity, we work by requesting the information that the potential buyers or buyer agents may require to assimilate the business or property to make informed offers.

Financial statements are  requested early for us to assess the business, create pro forma highlights and ultimately trigger higher initial offers.

One page investor briefings – executive summaries – are created with the business highlights to be communicated whether on MLS or advertisement adds or directly to prospects or their representatives.  

Depending on the type of property, having the below information will provide the buyer(s) with all relevant information concerning the investment(s) and help them decide if they are prepared to invest into the opportunities.  

  • Municipal address
  • Legal description
  • Taxes
  • Tax assessment
  • Real Property Report
  • Any inspection reports(if available)
  • Appraisal report(if available)
  • Engineering reports
  • Environmental reports
  • Financial statement for the past 3 years
  • Any existing assumable financing
  • Current lease rent roll
  • Copy of current Title
  • Copy of any Geotech reports(if available)
  • Any building or remodelling plans
  • Copies of any building permits(if construction project)